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We are a family fishing team with a home port of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. My name is Al Morris and I am the Captain of Sea Drag'n. My crew consists of my Dad, Al Morris, Sr., my daughter, Lauren Morris and my brother-in-law Brent Bunn.

Our team was founded 14 years ago and has enjoyed its share of victories and defeats. Overall, our team has managed to maintain a solid reputation for being able to at times catch smoker kings. Our team has competed on the SKA tournament trail for the last 10 years, qualifying for the SKA nationals each year, and has fished from the Carolinas to Florida to Mississippi.

We are probably best known for our competition in the Carolinas and for our consistent habit of finding the smoker Kings on the east side of Cape Lookout...specifically around the inlet and beaches of Drum Inlet. Drum Inlet, during our first two years fishing competitively, was our "training ground." Without a doubt, we ventured through that inlet when others dared not (it’s a good thing our engine cooling systems work well with a lot of sand mixed in), leading us to fertile king waters that others could not reach. Now the area we fish is open to all, but we welcome the competition and certainly the security of having other boats in the area.

Our team has traveled to all parts of the east and gulf coasts over the last five years, increasing our knowledge and experience in different waters and varied conditions. We have our fair share of both successes and “struggles.” But we have fished as a family and shared the experience. That's the most important thing for our team and will always be the goal. Of course, laying a 40 or 50 pounder on the scales certainly adds to the enjoyment.


November, 2012
The Sea Drag'n Fishing Team catches a 52.13 lber on Day 2 of the SKA Nationals in Biloxi. 

Tight Lines,

Captain Al

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